Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Valvoline Oil Price Latest Car

Valvoline Oil Price Latest Car. Seeing the need for lubricating oil which is quite a lot of cars per year and is increasing in Indonesia, which is approximately 650-700 liters, making oil cars entering Indonesia since 1866 Valvoline is highly motivated to expand its business and has a strong name in the eyes of consumers Indonesian car .

Although the Indonesian automobile oil Valvoline know if performance is lagging pretty far with some competitors such as Shell and Top 1, it still kept optimistically claimed products can be received again.

Valvoline Oil Price Newest Car 2013

Price USD
VALVOLINE D-Max 15W-40 44,000
15W-50 VALVOLINE Synmax 52,000
15W-50 VALVOLINE Synpro 95,000
Not only the quality of the product quality, but at a price advantage over Valvoline is priced cheaper than oil Shell Advance. When the product quality assurance, we have prepared pitted. besides that our prices are very competitive. moreover, car oil is cheaper than a shell, clear henry. Marketing Director Valvoline oil in Indonesia.

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