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2013 Porsche Cayman Indonesia.

2013 Porsche Cayman Indonesia. Although the sports car segment in Indonesia is still low demand, but this does not dampen motivation APM Porsche in Indonesia. This news was officially confirmed with the launch of two new variants, which launched the third-generation Porsche Cayman and Cayman S cars to customers throughout Indonesia.

Something big fan of great pride for Porsche in the homeland, because Indonesia is the first country in the asia pacific location that gaining the trust to release two new sports cars owned by the French car company.

Procession of the launch itself was held in Senayan national golf club, south jakarta, on Tuesday (19/03). In the event yesterday geneva motor show Porsche line-up also featuring the latest cars to be paved in the year 2013, but not necessarily also entered the Indonesian car market Porsche 911 GT 3 Newest 2013.

According to the Indonesian Porsche, cayman third generation there are some improvements, among which are lighter weight, lower posture and long, and efficiency as well as better power than the previous generation which was also launched in Indonesia. For the category of sports cars in Indonesia also launched Nissan GTR GT 3 2013.

Most reforms undertaken in various sectors of the car, starting from the exterior, interior, engine up. And for the exterior design cayman there with a similar form of the final generation Porsche boxster (without the presence of LED daytime running lights).

Cayman cabin has a pretty interesting design with the use of high quality materials. Besides, the manufacturers also provide a storage area or trunk of a car that is quite widespread in the back seat driver and passenger as the car only has two seats just to make it more practical. For increased luggage capacity volume of approximately 15 liters to 42 liters.

The driving force for the moment, the car's engine being using line 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2,700 cc for cayman. The machine can produce a power of 275 hp and maximum speed to reach 266 km / hour.

To obtain the cayman s kitchen runway capacity of 3,400 cc that give power 325 hp and maximum speed reached 283 km / hour. As well prepared for transmission 6-speed manual as standard or PDK (Porsche Doppel Kupplungsgetriebe) 7-speed double clutch as optional.

The question is what is the price of Porsche cayman and cayman s in Indonesia? Unfortunately the PT. Eurokars main artha as the sole distributor of Porsche has not been able to provide leak rates. I Made Sujana, as Indonesia Porsche after sales manager said that to date communication regarding the price keeps going up today. He also gave the car price can also be sticking with the customizations done by customers going forward. Like the previous news when you want memeli Porsche car you can make your own custom car to be on you the message. Certainly also an additional cost depending on accessories or features you want to add on a new car Porshce your order.

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