Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Suzuki Swift Sport 2013 Indonesia

Suzuki Swift Sport 2013 Indonesia. It seems Suzuki will soon make a debut premier Suzuki Swift Sport variant in the country of Malaysia. This could have justified the article has many photo spread on the Internet menunjukkah presence of Suzuki Swift Sport 2013 in the neighbor country. If the new car has entered into malaysia usually does not take long to catch up to be launched in Indonesia because of the characteristics of consumer types Malaysia and Indonesia almost similar. It certainly has become setrategi market for any car company that benefits such as Suzuki.

As reported indianautoblog, pictures of the latest Suzuki Swift Sport has been successfully immortalized in JPJ Putrajaya, Malaysia. This confirms that the possibilities regarding Suzuki malaysia close period can soon be launching Suzuki Swift sport.

Pinned Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6-liter gasoline engine that produces 136 ps power and 160nm of torque, to be driven up to 100 km / h only takes approximately 8, 7 seconds and the top speed is claimed to be able to reach up to 192 km / h. Suzuki Malaysia is expected to launch Suzuki Swift Sport with 2 types of transmission, ie, 6-speed manual and CVT automatic with manual mode.

Suzuki swift sport exterior design as shown in the pictures, Suzuki Swift Sport has been calculated using a special body kit fenders, side skirts and rear spoiler and have used HID lamps in the headlights. But for the safety side, the Suzuki Swift Sport is also equipped with seven airbags and driver's knee commencing on ESP.

For the legs of the car, the Suzuki Swift sport malaysia use racing wheels with a twin five-spoke model of specials to spec malaysia. Is Suzuki Swift Sport will also be released in Indonesia? We wait for the news likely will not be long as the Suzuki Swift, including the best-selling car in Indonesia.

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