Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

China car ZNA succe 2013.

China car ZNA succe 2013. Indonesian automotive world today can be called occupied by the Japanese. But it's not impossible that other large countries such as China are not tempted to enliven the Indonesian automotive market. Subject is evidenced by the production of a new car zhengzhou nissan automobile (ZNA) succe ZNA who gave birth in the car exhibition INAPA 2013 today. In addition there are several countries besides China Japan who participated in the profits of car sales in Indonesia call it the Ford premises America and Germany with his BMW in addition to the two countries are of course still many other industrialized countries.

Cars that are in this mpv segment ready to try Indonesian automotive market with all the benefits that are offered. "ZNA succe have a variety of advantages needed by families in Indonesia," said lisnawan main priya, general marketing PT. Xarrina Motor Indonesia, as the official APM zhengzhou nissan automobile of china.

Indonesia to attract people into buying this car will, PT. Xarrina Motor Indonesia offers 3 options on a new car customers in Indonesia. "ZNA succe there are 3 variants, the first one is commercial variants for low, medium and comfortable for the luxury for the highest variance," he said.

For commercial, ZNA succe priced at Rp. 158 million. Furthermore, to comfortable, ZNA succe priced at Rp. 168 million. But for the highest variance, ZNA succe Luxury rewarded with the Rp. 178 million. Cars from the bamboo curtain country has also been marketed in Indonesia is for Geely Panda 2013. Hopefully the presence of foreign car manufacturers in Indonesia does not inhibit the growth of Indonesia's national car for the foreseeable future.

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