Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

All New Mazda 6 2013 Indonesia

All New Mazda 6 2013 Indonesia. It seems that mid-size sedan market again soon crowded in Indonesia. Because not only honda that is ready to bring new honda civic 2013 and bring KIA optima, the mazda Indonesia also are getting ready to polish sedan champion the new sedan mazda 6 2013.

This is clearly reflected in the campaign process Unleash time & Believe Skyactiv Technology at mazda cx-5 on Saturday (16/3) yesterday, which is in the parking area mazda thamrin, by featuring the latest generation Mazda 6 in front of the media.

New car in red with black combination can amaze some media crews who took part in the launch and some people who happened to pass in front mazda dealer. This is a sneak preview before when competing with toyota camry honda accord and was officially launched in Indonesia on the 10th of april 2013.

Astrid Ariani Wijaya, as the marketing manager of PT. Mazda Motor Mndonesia (PT MMI) argues that while the premium sedan market is very small, but he believes the presence of the latest Mazda 6 forward with an elegant design to attract the hearts of car users in Indonesia. Because the price is not going away with the car market as new car prices toyota 2013. Besides, this is a model sedan 2nd sold in Indonesia by using the latest technology SKYACTIV after mazda cx-5.

Astrid also informed that it only sells 1 variant for Indonesia region. The variant is the highest variant with a capacity of 2500 cc engine-powered 189 hp and 6-speed transmission otmatis. Unfortunately, when asked what is the selling price, astrid not be willing to assure standards. We wait for the next month and the price of mazda 6 2013 Indonesia will soon be released in the month to coincide with the official launch in Indonesia.

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