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Hybrid car Nissan GTR Latest Generation Has Dikembangkan0

Hybrid car Nissan GTR Latest Generation Has Dikembangkan0
Puspa Aulia February 06, 2013, Nissan, Supercar

NDIEE.com - Nissan GTR Hybrid 2013 has been developed. This information may be eagerly waiting for the thing that you are going insane speeds in Indonesia. As already reported by Motor Trend, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has been approved for development Latest Generation Hybrid New Nissan GTR.

There will be some changes in this latest car is the exterior and engine. The exterior design will turn on the headlights and a more aerodynamic body kit so as to maximize the gravitational pressure by wind direction (downforce) and increase the stability of the car when driving in high speed. The car will be equipped with some of the latest components to improve fuel efficiency and more environmentally friendly.

Chief of engineers developing hybrid nissan GTR, Kazutoshi Mizuno did not specify exactly when the latest generation of the GTR will pave. He only mentioned already in the testing phase in 2012 and then in Nurburging to ensure Nissan GTR Hybrid is already feasible path with the desired performance. The possibility of this car will be introduced to the public in 2017.

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