Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

2013 Toyota Hi Ace Indonesia.

2013 Toyota Hi Ace Indonesia. Desire PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) to master the Indonesian automotive market apparently is not just for passenger vehicle segment as an SUV, hatchback and City Car in addition to the existing 2013 Honda Freed MPV cars are refurbished and its market in Indonesia was quite popular. After a couple of days ago the Toyota has officially unveiled its newest car Toyota Etios Valco 2013 Indonesia. Now for the van segment is usually loaded to accommodate 10 more people and for charter vehicles Toyota Hi Ace cars tourism penjualaln showed significant improvement from the first time that 6 months ago emergence in Indonesia.

This at least can be seen in the TAM achievements recorded during the last two months in early 2013, where in the period January - February Toyota Hi Ace can sell 150 units or approximately 86 percent of Toyota's market share in Indonesia.

This achievement also shows the hard work of Toyota Hi Ace in the commercial vehicle market, after the 6 months after its launch, Toyota Hi Ace already sold on the market a number of 710 units.

Marketing director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), Joko Trisanyoto said this achievement can not be separated from the excess Hi Ace as comfortable and luxurious transportation facilities, and address the needs of a growing vehicle markets, especially for the purposes of some businesses in the areas of travel, tourism, rental or commuter.

We are grateful Hi Ace can be received properly let alone be able to dominate in the commercial van segment. This increases the statistical encouraged us to continue the innovation and give our best effort to loyal Toyota customers, said Joko.

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