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Features Latest Car Mercedes Benz

Features Latest Car Mercedes Benz. PT. Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI PT) APM mercedes in Indonesia, which acts as an official distributor mercedez benz cars in Indonesia on Tuesday (26/03) held a press product reviews in the Morgan factory Wanaherang, Bogor - West Java. In their own country mercedes benz famous brands with premium cars and quite a lot of competitors such as Indonesia and the 2013 Honda CRZ Honda Accord 2013.

In the event of PT. Mercedez Benz Indonesia introduced 8 superior line up are sold in bulk in Indonesia, the latest car is a sports B 200, C 200 classic, the E 250 avantgarde amg sports package, the E 300 avantgarde amg sports package, R 300 L, SLK 55 amg , SL 350 with amg sports package, as well as the S 350 l.

This presentation is described directly by Y. Yahya who has a job Product Manager PT. MBI. He argued in part to the excellent features embedded in the mercedes cars. Below is a complete description of the advantages mercedez benz feature latest features in Indonesia:

1. Attention Assist

The first feature which discussed the attention assists. It is a system that monitors the driver situation. When the system detects driver fatigue, then the system can provide a warning in the form of a warning sound and a cup of coffee image that flashes on the instrument panel.

The system works by using a sensor that can monitor the situation until the beginning of the trip the driver of the car was completely stopped. Of the eight cars displayed in event press product review, this car is getting feature E 250, E 300, B 200, sl 350 and S 350 l.

2. Active Bonnet

After that there is a feature called active bonnet. This feature is a useful safety system between when a car collided with a pedestrian. The system consists of three sensors on the front of the car collision. When the sensor detects a collision with a pedestrian, then the sensor will immediately send a signal to the electronic control unit, then can immediately activate the electromagnetic two hinges. And the electromagnetic lock will open up the hood lifted very likely less than 50 mm. The system requires only a fraction of second. Active Bonnet pinned on Mercedes E 250 and E 300.

3. Active Multicontour Seats with a Massage Function

The next feature is active multicontour seats with a massage function. This is a feature available on driver's and front passenger's seat. This system can hold the driver when cornering or body turn. The seat is also equipped with a masseuse that can reduce fatigue when you travel far. Not only on the series E 250 and E 300 course, this feature is also there on the S 350 l.


For the comfort of the driver and all passengers cars along the way, mercedes has THERMOTRONIC. This is the temperature regulation system inside the cabin on an individual. Driver, front passenger and rear passengers to adjust the temperature in accordance with his own car. The system also has a sensor that can detect the presence of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides in the cabin. This system also has a powered 11 kw heater which acts to warm the cabin when driving in the winter. This feature is in R 300 l, SLK 55 amg, and SL 350.

5. Magic Sky Control

Thereafter that there magic sky control that can change the color became darker view of the roof to reduce sun light into the cabin of the car. This system uses an electric current to change the position of the small particles contained in the film that is grown in the roof of the car. The particles in glass are arranged so that light can be set when entered in the cabin. Magic sky control is activated when the key passes, the particle can move up to a position so random can block incoming light. This advanced feature is only found on the Mercedes SLK 55 AMG as optional for Indonesia.

6. Magic Vision Control

And the last feature that is magic vision control. This is the latest innovation developed by Mercedes. When the current cars, to clean the glass using a disturbing view of the water splash during operation. But this time replace the component with a mercedes wiper blades can release water automatically when working. With this system the driver's view will not be seriously disrupted even when driving in high speed. This feature is applied to the new SL 350 only.

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