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Price Suzuki Grand Vitara 2013.

Price Suzuki Grand Vitara 2013. All consumers to know that the car in Indonesia suv which one is the main weapon in the automotive suzuki compete in today's tight, the Japanese car manufacturer, Suzuki, again presents a new variant of the Suzuki Grand Vitara 2013. Given the big names in the scene suzuki automotive world, have you appropriately take into account the presence of suzuki grand Vitara in 2013 as a new car option that will fill up a car garage in your home, especially if you count having a large family in need of more accommodation like a 7 passenger SUV is one Here you are. To see the new car picture suzuki grand Vitara read also: All New Suzuki Grand Vitara 2013 and New Grand Vitara 2.4 2013.


Although not much different from the previous generation, with only a cursory glance you can feel the attraction and fierce impression on the exterior design of this Japanese SUV. Looks attractive impression on automatic projector headlights then fierce impression is also seen in the form of the front grille has been updated like the letter V and very sporty front bumper is equipped with a pair of fog lights.

On the other hand, turn indicators on side mirrors can be folded electrically give the impression of luxury in this suv. Impression of luxury is seen more clearly in the form of the rear lights are compact combined with the spoiler brake light positioned higher on the stern. Close the spare tire at the stern is also designed simple but fused with either the rear exterior.


In the car suzuki grand Vitara 2013, the driver will feel quite comfortable. It is inseparable from function 3 steering wheel wrapped in leather that comes with a set of practical buttons for setting the car interior situation. Driving comfort of the driver are also getting special thanks to the sporty instrument panel incorporating trip computer, as well as the presence of MID panel.

Its dashboard design also looks interesting with a simple console being opened so give even more comfort for passengers sitting in the rear when driving with this car. Rear cabin also did not feel too crowded for 2 to 3 passengers. Dual zone cooling unit, cooling unit behind the cab, automatic climate control and entertainment systems equipped with a USB port and aux also adds to the comfort of driving this car.

In addition, the trunk is on offer is quite capable and fixed capacity can be increased by folding the rear seats.

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