Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

New Car Price Suzuki APV 2013

New Car Price Suzuki APV 2013. Suzuki APV 2013 were 8 seat MPV produced in Indonesia by Japanese car manufacturer. This news fits the idea of the parent headquarters suzuki in the land of rising sun. Taking into account the desire of the automotive market in the country, suzuki APV has developed into many variants, namely APV GA / GE, arena APV, APV GL, GX APV, APV SGX, and APV Luxury. In Indonesia car market in the MPV segment is quite crowded there is no new car Mazda Biante 2013 and that no less that his best-selling 2013 Toyota Kijang Innova in Indonesia.


For the variant GA / GE, exterior suzuki APV 2013 could perhaps be said mediocrity. Because GA / GE is the lowest variant with the lowest price. However, for the other variants, there are additional features such as multireflektor headlamps and fog lamps in the front bumper which is very useful when providing information to the driver while driving with suzuki mpv of this in the rain or at night. Furthermore, the broom glass wiper stern section can also be useful to keep the car on the driver's view of the object that is behind the car.


Interior Suzuki APV is roomy enough to say what's more time to save 7 people simultaneously. In addition, the luggage capacity is also very large, not to mention the folding 2nd row seat and the 3rd to be greater luggage capacity. Convenience is also increasingly be added on SGX and GX variants which offer features Captain Seat seat arrangement to look more classy cabin.

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