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Toyota Etios Price Valco Indonesia

Toyota Etios Price Valco Indonesia. Dominance seems to MPV cars which sold best last year won by Toyota Indonesia through its flagship car is all new toyota avanza which is still able to compete with its competitors in the country despite that it is still not considered sufficient by its manufacturer factory Japan is in cherry country. This month was Toyota introduced the newest model in the new car Etios Valco who championed would become the first choice for car consumers in Indonesia.

Although it could be regarded as a new car on homeland citycar market, but Toyota Etios Valco very prepared to deal directly with the other products of the competitors who had already worked on the same city car market. Ie nissan march, mitsubishi mirage, picanto, Sirion, splash and honda brio which now has content in national automotive market segment city car of 1200 cc.


Type: 3 NR - FE
Diplacement: 1,197 cc (1.2 liter)
Number of cylinders: 4 to 16 valve DOHC
Fuel system: EFI
Technology: VVT-i
Max power: 80 PS at 5600 rpm
Max torque: 104 NM at 3100 rpm
Toyota Etios Price Valco 2013

Valco Etios J
Etios Valco E
Valco Etios G
Roomy cabin with standard safety features capable so a plus for Etios Valco. In terms of safety there are also features ABS and EBD. And no less important is the quality of Toyota cars that have been widely known in Indonesia makes the car far more important to be the first choice.

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