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GS 2013 Toyota Alphard Shown More Stylish0

GS 2013 Toyota Alphard Shown More Stylish0
Aulia Puspa March 19, 2013 Automotive News, MPV, Toyota

NDIEE.com - All New Toyota Alphard 2013 GS Indonesia. Is the latest model from the manufacturer Toyota luxury MPV variant derived from the Japanese state. Toyota Alphard itself actually has two variants namely Velfire real Alphard and both cars are almost similar to Just the differences lie in the exterior and interior design of broadly the same as its price is also not much different. It's just that if you want to buy a Toyota Vellfire you have to buy it in the form of CBU cars or import directly from overseas. Because in Indonesia, this car is not marketed, which is mass marketed variant of the Toyota Alphard.

Visible exterior difference is the addition of GS emblem, known as the Alphard luxury car now looks more sporty and more stylish. Just like we have we usually encounter on the streets Indonesia because even though the car is a bit high-priced but not Indonesian people who have cars Toyota Alphard GS, began late in 2012 when Toyota was doing a refresher on almost all its products starting from the All New Toyota Avanza, New Toyota Fortuner Facelift 2013 and do not miss Alphard itself also natural refreshment.

Alphard visible change of the form of the front grille is now made more aerodynamic with a combination of head lamp, bumper and fog lights are more compact and the more luxurious look. With the new models are more aerodynamic car, you can bet Toyota Alphard GS Indonesia is more powerful and more efficient than previous generations. From the design of the rear lights have also undergone a facelift are certainly more stylish with the addition of Alphard GS emblem on the back. Car body side Alphard latest GS are adding horizontal lines that make it look like a typical car racing Toyota's TRD Sportivo.

Price All New Toyota Alphard 2013

Toyota Alphard Gs
For Toyota Alphard GS interior also experienced a reshuffle, although not uniformly, but elegant design is visible from the car seat and wood-accented leather of high quality materials.

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