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Best City Car Indonesia 2013.

Best City Car Indonesia 2013. Not only cars MPV that could be used for a vacation with the family or just take a trip out of town. But relying on city car may be more practical because it forms a smaller car. The drawback is not able to accommodate the number of passengers is much like a car MPV. You should be smart deal of luggage will be taken when considering traveling luggage area of ​​a city car not a car MPV.

Here is a list of the best city car option could be the first choice for your family:

1. Honda Brio

The latest car honda honda jazz projected to be the successor is indeed a stylish model. With a compact body holding 1.3 L SOHC VTEC engine makes more power than the honda brio rivals in its class. Seat also has the addition of a sports design makes neck neck shock mitigation to be more comfortable when driving.

To feature brio features arguably already has the latest technology such as Tilt Steering, EPS, i-SRS and SRS airbags, ABS + ACE also features Eco Indicator is available starting from the cheapest variant to the most expensive. Honda brio deficiency is on the second line of the car feels more cramped for space foot passengers. 2013 honda brio price ranged between 149 million - 170 million dollars.

2. Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi mirage latest car comes with an engine capacity is still under honda brio with the 1.2L MIVEC technology. But it certainly has advantages in fuel affairs. For the space inside the car is still the same as the honda brio which does not have a large place for passengers in the second row is very cramped at all especially if you have a height of more than 170 cm.

Mitsubishi mirage for business features, not all variants have the full features, only the highest variance are full-featured. Airbag / seat belt with ELR types (Electronic Locking Reactor) at Exceed type complete with ABS braking devices, while still using the type below normal braking. Price mitsubishi mirage 2013 approximately 165 million dollars.

3. All New Kia Picanto

Dimensions of this car does look smaller dibandingka honda brio or mitsubishi mirage. But for the affairs of the wider cabin than honda brio and mitsubishi mirage, also part of the second line for the leg room for the passengers feel more spacious. Kia picanto new car uses a 4-cylinder Kappa engine 1.2 L DOHC Dual CVVT still under honda brio.

To feature all new kia picanto car has a fairly complete entertainment facilities such as a USB-connected audio slot, ECO features to reduce fuel consumption. Price all new kia picanto 2013, ranged between 129 million - 143 million dollars.

4. All New Daihatsu Sirion

Of the three city car in the all-new Daihatsu Sirion has the most spacious cabin capacity. Although still looks minimalist cheap car, but reliable enough kelapangannya than brio honda, mitsubishi mirage and all new kia picanto. In addition to the cabin baggage all-new Sirion also more spacious than the third compatriot.

Using the 1.3 L engine with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions. For its features such as city car is still the standard that is most common features such as airbags and ABS braking is already in the car. All New Sirion Daihatsu price is around 161 million dollars.

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