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Toyota Fortuner 2013 Price Grand Indonesia.

Toyota Fortuner 2013 Price Grand Indonesia. With the new design, New Toyota Fortuner Toyota production looks more manly than the generation before the facelift models. Carrying the concept suv 7 passenger, Toyota Fortuner is not just comfortable ride for the entire field but also provide relief cabin for all passengers in the car. Sales of Toyota Fortuner is quite successful in competing in the SUV class with its success has been sold a number of 1,480 units till August 2011 since the first appearance in Indonesia. In other words, an increase in sales of 61.6% compared to August last year. Parties themselves are very optimistic if Toyota Grand New Fortuner can record new car sales toyota better for years to come.

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Beyond the figure of Toyota's flagship SUV is seen much difference in the front and rear. Starting from the headlamps, grille to bumper, Fortuner now looks more macho. Moment, the rear lights also comes with a new design. Users gain Fortuner today features indicator lights on side mirrors outside the car. A pair of fog lights has become a standard for every car driver. Side cladding also provides easy access to the inside cabin on the side makes this suv looks even more fierce. Corner bumper protector bumper corners convince car will not have a serious impact if it lasts collision / accident. For more fierce exterior or equal fierce with this latest Fortuner you can consider the All New Honda CRV 2013 Indonesia.


Thing that really stood out from the interior of the Toyota Fortuner which position sitting area. With high Fortuner exceeds average height, this suv suitable for people with high or tall posture. Transmission lever are wrapped in leather are also standard features that can be found in SUV made by Toyota. Besides that, on the inside the door, there are LEDs that make the Fortuner look more classy. Scuff plate at the bottom of the car doors were also confirms proper classes carried the Toyota Fortuner 2013. Furthermore, in the ceiling of the car, there is also a water purifier that is used to clean the air inside the cabin which makes passenger in the car more comfortable.


In the case of power, the Toyota Fortuner hold the engine DOHC 16v 4-cylinder 2,694 cc VVT-i technology. This machine can offer a power of 160.4 ps at 5,200 rpm engine speed and torque of 24.6 kgm at 3800 rpm engine speed. Carrying the fuel system electronically controlled fuel injection (EFI), fuel tank capacity of 65 liters Fortuner won. Suv from Toyota's rear-wheel drive system (Rear Wheel Drive) system with steering rack & pinion steering.

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