Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Price All New Kia Sorento 2013

Price All New Kia Sorento 2013. 7 passenger SUV competition in Indonesia certainly will soon be getting crowded, this is caused by the presence of the all-new kia sorento 2013. But the price schedule all new kia sorento 2013 can be seen on the 9th of April 2013, with the price of Rp. 375 million to Rp. 380 million, depending on the market area car dealer, said Sukmono Hartanto, marketing director of PT Kia Mobil Indonesia (KMI).

According Hartanto also, all new kia sorento will only present in one variant options to be offered to customers in Indonesia KIA car. All-new Kia sorento will be equipped with a gasoline engine 2.4-liter Theta II dual CVVT DOHC, with manual transmission 6-speed automatic.

With some better features than its competitors for the same segment of the 7 passenger SUV, the widest in its segment dimensions that make the car improved stability, monocoque chassis and disc brakes on all four wheels. Also, the all-new sorento is also equipped with safety features ABS + EBD and dual airbags. Besides enacting latest all-new cars kia sorento the wah is claimed to have obtained the maximum safety certification (5-star) from the testing agency in the United States and Europe. Originally an all-new kia sorento can target market segmentation for businessmen and young executives.

Theta ii engine in the all-new kia sorento also has the greatest power output in its segment, which is filled by toyota fortuner, mitsubishi pajero sport and chevrolet captiva, said Arifani Perbowo, production & logistics general manager of PT KMI.

All-new kia sorento is also equipped with features cornering fog lamp, where motion lighting on the fog lights can be automatically followed by a motion of the turn signal is turned on, plus Arifani.

Arifani also mentions that the monocoque chassis structure on the latest generation kia sorento is not owned by the two rivals ie: fortuner and pajero. Some consideration of the advantages the other car in its segment among others are using features a panoramic sun roof which further adds to the luxury car 2013 kia sorento in Indonesia.

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