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Best Selling Car Brands Indonesia 2013

Best Selling Car Brands Indonesia 2013. Stepping on the fourth month of April 2013, atsmosfer car sales in Indonesia rose again showed graphs in the same period in the previous year of 2012.

According to data from the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (GAIKINDO), car sales in the Indonesian automotive market in February 2013 that 103 729 units of sufficient significance or natural increase of 17,243 units. In the same period in 2012 is still touching new car sales figures are based on data GAIKINDO 86 486 units.

In comparison to January 2013 period, car sales in February rose about seven thousand units (January 2013, the number of new car sales in Indonesia reached 96 705 units.)

Possibility in the near future in March and April there will be no change in what the best-selling car brand in Indonesia in 2013 due to the Japanese domestic car companies is fairly consistent from year to year in car sales in the country. If you want to know and was curious what brands dominate the Indonesian car market in February 2013 were as follows:

1. Toyota

Throughout February 2013, sales of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) in Indonesia rose 445 units from January 2013 (34 445 units), so that 34 890 units. Non-sedan segment contributed sales figures very much, which is 34 323 units. But the sedan segment just 567 units sold in numbers.

2. Suzuki

When in January 2013 suzuki occupy third place after most mitsubishi sales, then in February so successful 2nd best-selling brand in Indonesia, which stood at 14 909 unit sales. All figures are contributed by the sales of non sedan models, then again - again Ertiga Suzuki for 2013 so excellent.

3. Mitsubishi

Although recorded increased sales come in appeal before the month in January 2013. In fact in February 2013 mitsubishi must accept if they rank in fact be taken over by suzuki. Throughout February 2013, the Indonesian mitsubishi posted sales of 13,718 units in the figure, up 550 units from what didapatkanan January 2013 approximately 13,168 units. Non-sedan segment accounted for sales of 13 706 units and 12 units of a sedan.

4. Daihatsu

Daihatsu continued to play it safe. Almost 2 years At least there's always the end position in the ranking top 5 best-selling car in Indonesia. In the February 2013 and also recorded the successful Daihatsu unit sales of 13 675, but the previous month Just posted sales of 12,734 units. The achievement is all donated by the sale of non-sedan segment. Daihatsu were also donated one of his girlfriend to be the city's best city car Indonesia.

5. Honda

Similarly, Daihatsu, Honda also has the absolute role of the progress of Indonesia's economy. Although his position must be willing to be shifted in the rank-5, Honda claimed GAIKINDO as a very progressive car brands in Indonesia despite the sale in early 2013 is lower than its competitors competitors. Sales from January to February 2013 increased sharply, ie, the excess of approximately 3,783 units so 9529 units. January, Honda just posted new car sales of 5,746 units. Non sedan car sales proceeds donated most of the overall car honda is 8,377 units, 1,152 units of sedan yet.

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