Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Car Truck Mercedes Benz 2013

Car Truck Mercedes Benz 2013. PT. Alun Indah, as pemengan mercedes-benz authorized distributor in Indonesia, which was recently awarded the best trucks on the dealers 2012 mercedes-benz seems seriously to defend the title. Subject is evidenced by the presence of PT. Beautiful square in the exhibition Indonesia International For Bus & Truck or commonly known as IIBT. We introduce all variants Buses and Trucks of all car manufacturers around the world that marketing associated with Indonesia. Here you can choose cars trucks and buses with the best quality and get direct review of sales conversations. Besides other car is a segment Newest Hino Trucks Indonesia also enliven the event.

Frangkie S Makaminang, who served as National Sales Manager PT. Alun Indah said that his party participated in IIBT 2013 has a special reason. "This moment is the right moment to introduce product mercedes-benz trucks because here is a meeting place for industry players in Indonesia," he said.

Then, frangkie also confirms that this is now the highest selling truck in Indonesia still recorded by the island of Borneo. "But the island of Sulawesi and Sumatra is starting to evolve its sales," he added.

For the 1-year sales target during this, frangkie admitted trying to sell at least 300 units of trucks of various types. "Until now, we successfully achieve approximately 90 numbers of units. This number is expected to increase after the event is always ending, "he said.

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