Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

All New Toyota Yaris 2013 Indonesia.

All New Toyota Yaris 2013 Indonesia. Looks like the competition is getting crowded in the city car segment with a car that has a hatchback design in 2013. Competition in the Indonesian city car can no longer be avoided since many new cars with a fresh design with more choices every various excellent features of each car manufacturer. Research and development of vehicle is comfortable to use with attractive appearance being conducted by Toyota especially Japan which is the country of origin Toyota.

The car is currently in the planning of the All New Toyota Yaris 2013. Shown with a completely new design leaves the previous generation design. Feminine impression on the switch to the previous Yaris macho impression on new variants this time. Design headlights combined with horizontal chrome grille and bumper shape that made it stand out so that it looks more sporty as the hallmark of youth. Further aft to design the back of the car also underwent a change in lights with chrome accents create a more luxurious appearance. Baggage door handles and side door the car is also using chrome accents.

Not only was the interior design is also slightly wider changes. This is to comply with user feedback Yaris cars that menginingkan wider cabin and relief. On the dashboard of the car is still the same as the previous generation feature but there are a few additional new features such as Bluetooth connectivity to connect with your gadgets. Instrument on the dashboard design is also changed as tachometers placement on the front wheel making it easier for the driver to reach. Not sure on the MID panel displays are LCD screen GPS.

For the engine still use the old type for all new Toyota Yaris engine is still known responsive and efficient fuel consumption.

Detail view of this car you can look at several images contained on car image below article. Not yet known what price all new toyota yaris 2013 Indonesia likely to be published later in 2013 toyota yaris recall in Indonesian market was not in decline.

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