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Price All New Honda Jazz 2013 Gallery

Price All New Honda Jazz 2013 Gallery. From the side view the latest, new honda jazz 2013, does not look too far perpedaannya with previous generations. But the new appearances presented by the honda looks a bit more sporty with a few extra lines on the car body tegasi lines. Nonetheless, the ride comfort remains a major concern, especially with the presence of a variety of new features. This car also includes one of the best-selling cars in 2013 Indonesian.

Among these are striking changes seen in this 2013 new honda jazz front grille design that is currently in the form of hexagonal. This further makes the design made ​​by honda hatchback looks sporty. In addition, the sporty impression is also confirmed by the presence of a pair of fog lights below the headlights.

2013 honda jazz new driver can be very comfortable when driving this car in the presence of i-mid panel that displays information about driving cars on display 5 "a full-color. In addition, the front passenger can also freely make arrangements on various features of the car, such as entertainment systems, simply using the i-mid this panel.

3 steering wheel, paddle shift, as well as the instrument panel is equipped with a trip computer to give comfort to the driver's individual driving the car this past while bringing a variety of obstacles on the highway.

Price All New Honda Jazz New 2013

A New Jazz M / T
New Jazz RS A / T
New Jazz RS M / T
New Jazz S A / T
New Jazz S M / T
Apply the rear combination lamps that car design rear combination smoke adds sporty impression on this car.

Turn indicators are also present in the side mirrors add a level of security in addition to a luxurious all new honda jazz 2013. Because the trend is currently running all new cars to add luxury accessories supplied mirrors indicator lights turn on.

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