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Price Proton Exora 2013

Price Proton Exora 2013. Family car (MPV) which is derived from the neighbor country, Malaysia, this one is very ideal especially with a capacity of 7 passengers traveling to accompany your family everyday. Bring your kids to school, go to work, or sightseeing car hails latest Proton Exora 2013.


MPV malaysia this one there with the car's exterior design is modern and seem quite attractive. This is reflected in the design of the front triangle of lights that are large, combined with a trapezoidal-shaped front grille with chrome accents. In addition, the shape of the front bumper also give the impression of sporty moment the front fog lights make this car look more classy.

Classy impression is also confirmed by the presence of side mirrors that can be folded electrically plus equipped with turn signal indicators. At the stern or rear of the car, this was confirmed by the presence of rear combination lamps are equipped with a roof spoiler, brake light positioned higher, broom rear glass and chrome bars. Compared with avanza or xenia is different Proton Exora much more attractive to look at both the price of the car as well read; Price Latest 2013 Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia 2013 Latest Price.


Proton Exora 2013 cabin also feel quite comfortable with a fairly modern form. Console on the dashboard are also quite easy to reach by passengers so there is always a hassle when the driver wants to set interior features with affordable. Leather wrapped seats, audio system that comes with bluetooth and usb port / aux, and the heat sink on the back of reassuring passengers cabin was always so comfortable in the car along. In addition, the luggage capacity is also quite capable and prepared can be increased by folding the rear seats.

For the driver, there is also driving comfort on the 3 steering wheel wrapped in leather and comes with a set of control buttons. The instrument panel and mid panel also displays the information presented clearly enough cars. Cruise control adds to driving comfort.

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