Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Toyota Agya and Ayla 2013 Daihatsu Indonesia.

Toyota Agya and Ayla 2013 Daihatsu Indonesia. For those of you who are curious about car news toyota and daihatsu Agya ayla, this is the most recent news of the two cars. Maybe it is about 2 months long enough already rare second news about this car even though it was on display at IIMS late last year, but they also do not go on sale to the mass market.

Toyota Astra Daihatsu Agya along ayla 2013 Indonesia has been since December last year produced at Daihatsu plant located in Karawang, West Java. But production is only for testing and that the factory does not stop operating.

2nd car is still awaited Indonesian population. What is not what this car has not been produced but it is awaiting a decision because the government's policy regarding low cost green car (LCGC) is not finished.

Production has been carried out since last December after IIMS. Now the supply of cars is also already in the warehouse. Partly to do quality testing. When the release of two products that stay awaits government green light that I'm sure will not be long, said Johnny Darmawan, president director of Toyota Astra Motor on the sidelines of a media gathering in central Jakarta (18/3/2013)

This news is sure to be news to look forward to by a new car Indonesian consumers who have been waiting for the 2nd car toyota and daihatsu ayla Agya this. Now just for toyota Agya existing orders via Auto2000 some 20,000 units. Toyota parties must hold the vehicle reservations in advance considering the regulation of the government that does not go out.

Toyota Agya and Astra Daihatsu ayla if already on the market, is believed to increase the market share of Toyota vehicles in the compact and medium-class hatchback. Both will change the market share in the MPV that has fat (approximately 60%) and can contribute to increase the amount of 10% market share for medium vehicles.

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