Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

All New Kia Sportage EX 2013

All New Kia Sportage EX 2013. The presence of variants Korean compact SUV which one is present in Indonesia since May 2011, if they are adequately performed impressively in its segment. Yes, KIA Sportage. The association when referring to the first 2 months of 2013, sales of KIA Sportage enough to compete with nissan x-trail or even surpass sales of the Suzuki Grand Vitara in 2013 in Indonesia.

No wonder if PT KIA Mobil Indonesia (KMI) market continues to develop a variant of the compact SUV. This desire is manifested again on Thursday (14/03) located in the central park, west jakarta PT. KMI introduces new variants, the Sportage EX 2013. In Indonesia alone manufacturer Kia also launched a new variant of the SUV segment All New Kia Sorento 2013.

PT. KMI launched a new variant of this is because it can still be seen there are opportunities in the compact SUV segment in the interval price of USD 300 million - USD 350 million. KIA party giving some excellent features that can compete with some of its competitors. For instance panoramic sunroof, headlamp escort who helped us at the time parked in a dark area, a DVD with touch screen, 6 speakers, 18-inch velgalloy, dual airbags, parking sensors and ABS brakes.

For this sector, new car engine, the Sportage ex still uses a mechanical heart with a capacity of 2,000 cc Theta II dual CVVT that can produce power 166 hp at 6200 rpm. The kitchen runway paired with a 6-speed manumatic transmission.

Ex KIA Sportage is priced at Rp 321 million on the road to the location of Jakarta and surrounding areas. Sportage own sales target for this year is 2,000 units for all variants.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 2013

Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 2013. Not a secret anymore, if road conditions in Indonesia are not worth much to pass. Such is also the case seems to be a problem among some of the causes of the SUV segment vehicles increasingly in demand, due to its position of ground clearance is high and distance play a more rigid suspension.

On the state of American car company Jeep seriously working on the SUV market in Indonesia. This car launch coincided with other Jeep variants namely 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Indonesia. For other brands that might be a competitor of volkswagen suv which was recently launched in Indonesia with Tiger and Iguana image that VW Tiguan 2013 Indonesia.

Subject is evidenced by the launch of their latest car, the Grand Cherokee 3.6 Overland on Wednesday (13/03) in the atrium Senayan city - South Jakarta. It is a development of the existing variants of the Grand Cherokee in Indonesia. Parties Jeep mention that this type was launched, because the customer wants the car in Indonesia Grand Cherokee with features found on Overland variants, but has an engine capacity not too big. Besides, this car also is a refinement of a kind Grand Cherokee Limited 3.6.

Interesting features embedded in to the latest Grand Cherokee Overland quadra-lift. This is the air suspension system technology that can be hung upside down street matches with the situation we've been through. Ground clearance of the car can also be raised to a maximum height of about 271 mm while the car through a road in the mountains, rocky terrain and frequent floods and most are bumps that are sometimes quite high for the size of a regular car. Besides, it also can be lowered up to 40 mm lower to ease work when inserting or removing items. And cool to activate this feature we just press a button.

Jeep designers also apply the closed loop system that makes the car smoother and comfortable ride regardless of the high ground clearance that we specify. Safety system is also pinned to the body in the SUV. For instance FCW (Forward Collision Warning) warns the driver when the role was not aware of approaching objects at high speed until the system is able to take the most appropriate decision. Besides, also other safety devices such as ABS brakes, ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and Auto High Beam.

Grand Cherokee Overland is also updated on the car's exterior sector. On the outside, there is a renewed Overland emblem and grille with chrome accents. The rest remains the same appearance of this suv with other variants.

Log in to the latest interior grand cherokee steering wheel and dashboard are covered with original wood paneling. For the seats themselves wrapped by premium quality leather and satin chrome accents. The cabin is designed Grand Cherokee Overland quieter, until the driver and all passengers can feel comfortable driving.

For music lovers, Jeep pinned 12-channel power amplifier, 506 watt, 9 speakers, and an integrated subwoofer with class premium alpine sound system. Then there is also a DVD player that was placed in the ceiling. UConnect system has voice command feature to determine radio stations, music as well as take a call while driving.

Beneath the hood, there is a Pentastar V6 engine capacity of 3600 cc that can generate power 290 hp at 6,350 rpm and a torque of 347 nm at 4. 300 rpm. The kitchen runway paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Indonesia

2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Indonesia. Located at the city auditorium Senayan mall (13/3), PT Garansindo Global Inter officially introduced the New Jeep Wrangler Sahara in 2013 in Indonesia.

New car variant of this 2013 Jeep Wrangler complementary product that first there is sport and rubicon. This latest series of 2013 promises look tough and also stylish.

New 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara is no more stylish with some additional accessories. Jeep Sahara fitting vehicle for consumers who crave strong, safe, comfortable but also stylish factor did not leave her, said Rieva Muchsin, chief marketing officer of PT Garansindo Inter Global as an official APM Chrysler Indonesia.

Facelift is clearly visible on the exterior with the addition of 18-inch alloy wheels, 5-spoke satin rounded with Hyo symbol (Your Honour Origin). There are five new color choices for all models 2-door or 4-door Jeep Wrangler is the rock lobster, commando green, true blue pearl, dune and billet metallic.

Interior still prioritizing comfort Jeep is synonymous with the vision to bring comfort in the sedan class each resilient mounts them. Design more ergonomic seat with backrest mat contrived wider and there is embroidery Sahara. Cabin lights were initially on the roll cage is currently being moved in the rearview mirror with LED. Two illuminated cup holders plus signature 7-slot grille

Audio gain some touches premium alpine sound. Order in the cabin that is 2-tweeters in the dash, 2 speakers in the front leg room, 2 speakers on top of the roll cage and an extra one in the rear cargo subwoover looked so harmonious and pleasant to look at.

Jeep Wrangler Sahara Pentastar engine using a well-known tough, with a capacity of 3.6 liter V6 DOHC Maximum power 285 hp and peak torque of 350 nm. 5-speed automatic transmission featured command trac adds to driving comfort. In their own country are selling SUV in 2013 the All New Honda CRV 2013 that has just been rolled a few months ago. There was also a newcomer from Volkswagen which inspired the Tiger and Iguana Cars 2013 VW Tiguan Indonesia.

Not to forget, PT Garansindo also provides a variant of Mopar Jeep Wrangler Sahara to beautify the latest.

Toyota Fortuner 2013 Price Grand Indonesia.

Toyota Fortuner 2013 Price Grand Indonesia. With the new design, New Toyota Fortuner Toyota production looks more manly than the generation before the facelift models. Carrying the concept suv 7 passenger, Toyota Fortuner is not just comfortable ride for the entire field but also provide relief cabin for all passengers in the car. Sales of Toyota Fortuner is quite successful in competing in the SUV class with its success has been sold a number of 1,480 units till August 2011 since the first appearance in Indonesia. In other words, an increase in sales of 61.6% compared to August last year. Parties themselves are very optimistic if Toyota Grand New Fortuner can record new car sales toyota better for years to come.

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Beyond the figure of Toyota's flagship SUV is seen much difference in the front and rear. Starting from the headlamps, grille to bumper, Fortuner now looks more macho. Moment, the rear lights also comes with a new design. Users gain Fortuner today features indicator lights on side mirrors outside the car. A pair of fog lights has become a standard for every car driver. Side cladding also provides easy access to the inside cabin on the side makes this suv looks even more fierce. Corner bumper protector bumper corners convince car will not have a serious impact if it lasts collision / accident. For more fierce exterior or equal fierce with this latest Fortuner you can consider the All New Honda CRV 2013 Indonesia.


Thing that really stood out from the interior of the Toyota Fortuner which position sitting area. With high Fortuner exceeds average height, this suv suitable for people with high or tall posture. Transmission lever are wrapped in leather are also standard features that can be found in SUV made by Toyota. Besides that, on the inside the door, there are LEDs that make the Fortuner look more classy. Scuff plate at the bottom of the car doors were also confirms proper classes carried the Toyota Fortuner 2013. Furthermore, in the ceiling of the car, there is also a water purifier that is used to clean the air inside the cabin which makes passenger in the car more comfortable.


In the case of power, the Toyota Fortuner hold the engine DOHC 16v 4-cylinder 2,694 cc VVT-i technology. This machine can offer a power of 160.4 ps at 5,200 rpm engine speed and torque of 24.6 kgm at 3800 rpm engine speed. Carrying the fuel system electronically controlled fuel injection (EFI), fuel tank capacity of 65 liters Fortuner won. Suv from Toyota's rear-wheel drive system (Rear Wheel Drive) system with steering rack & pinion steering.

New Car Prices Used Toyota 2013

New Car Prices Used Toyota 2013. One of the car brand from Japan and is quite famous in the eyes of Indonesia. Moreover, this brand is very favorite car brands and so many products that are used by residents of Indonesia. One of them is Toyota Avanza which is king in its class, and until now there has been no similar cars from other brands can compete with avanza. But this time its dominance began to get serious competitor with the launch of Suzuki Ertiga Newest 2013.

Toyota Motor Corporation or TMC is abbreviated car company is headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi. TMC is part of the Toyota group which produces the Lexus brand cars and Sirion. The company also has several stock Daihatsu, Hino, as well as some stock Subaru and Isuzu. Hence why most car brands form Daihatsu, Hino and Subaru production car design similar to Toyota, because in between the two are intertwined cooperation.

Latest Price New Mazda 2 2013

Latest Price New Mazda 2 2013. Embraced the concept of "zoom zoom" with liveliness and dynamism that we used to feel as a child, mazda 2 offers a driving experience that is second to none. Have a high quality car, comfortable ride, as well as handling and responsive, driving can be a very pleasant experience with the 5-door hatchback from Mazda this, one thing can not be obtained from other new cars in the hatchback segment. Recorded sales of 2,673 units in 2012 yesterday, up 50% from the previous year. Now this is where sales reached 1,781 units was recorded in early 2013, mazda 2 is the best city car to be reckoned you choose to fill your home garage.


Offered in 7 attractive colors, mazda 2 with design and dynamic appeal form. The lines of the body is expressly gives the impression that the mini hatchback from Mazda is friendly but sporty. Although only in a state of rest or stationary when exhibited, mazda 2 exterior appearance as impressive sensation of motion. The compact design also makes it easy to maneuver in the lane highways. In short, from the front, the side to the back side of the car, mazda 2 brought the concept of "zoom zoom" with the prime. Compared Prices 2013 Toyota Yaris Indonesia and Price Honda Jazz 2013 Indonesia car mazda 2 will be rivals to seize two cars in the Indonesian automotive market as the best.


For driving comfort of the driver, the driver's seat mazda 2 supported features height adjustment up to 55 mm plus the slide 250 mm. The steering wheel can be tilted to the angle of 50 mm. In addition, for ease of transmission gearshift, gear lever is placed on the center console. Mazda also has designed the center console mazda 2 such that the superior features that exist on the best-selling hatchback Indonesia as entertainment mp3 or video can be reached easily by the driver.


Mazda 2 MZR engine using a 1,500 cc DOHC inline 4-cylinder. Tech sequential valve timing (S-VT) and electronic throttle control (ETC) is also standard on all variants mazda 2. In terms of fuel, mazda entrust its best-selling hatchback fuel system is the fuel system electronically controlled fuel injection. With the engine dimiliknya, mazda 2 can produce a power of 103 ps at 6,000 rpm engine speed and torque of 13.76 kgm at 4,000 rpm engine speed.

New 2013 Mazda 2 prices

New 2013 Suzuki Ertiga price.

New 2013 Suzuki Ertiga price. Suzuki Ertiga seems to be an attractive option for those who want a MPV cars at prices that are not too expensive but still get the comfort of a car for the family.

Suzuki Ertiga exterior appearance looks quite modern with a combination of the application of the latest headlights owned cars for 2013 combined with swift grille and air ducts on the front 3. Furthermore, the rear lamp rear combination makes this car look more luxurious.

Ertiga Suzuki latest interior was inspired by the car splash / ritz but can accommodate up to 7 passengers at a time. The car's interior will remind us of the suzuki swift dashboard design and equipped with air conditioning blower for riding comfort of passengers who sat in the back seat.