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2013 Honda Accord and Mazda 6

2013 Honda Accord and Mazda 6 2013 Indonesia. In the mid 2013's, middle-class sedan car market (mid-size sedan) in Indonesia will likely soon be crowded again. Because the two manufacturers from Japan, the Honda and Mazda has confirmed its intention to introduce the latest generation of its flagship variants each - one in the Indonesian automotive market, the 9th generation Honda Accord and All New Mazda 6 2013.

Indeed PT Mazda Motor Indonesia will soon introduce a Mazda 6 on the 10th of April 2013 (see also: Mazda 6 Newest in Indonesia At April). Then to the PT Honda Prospect Motor as APM honda cars in Indonesia have not confirmed a definite date, but informed that the launch of the all new 2013 honda accord will not be long adrift from the date of launch of the Mazda 6, the estimate is that April is not so in May this year.

News about Mazda 6 before the presence of the media, is already scheduled on Saturday (16/3) at the Mazda dealership Menteng Jakarta, where the Mazda6 will be supported by the application of SKYACTIV technology like the Mazda CX-5 test drive conducted with customers who want to try the location test drive the car.

All New Honda Accord 2013

Same like the previous generation in Indonesia since almost 20 years, the latest generation of Honda Accord was introduced soon this will likely be able to take the same design with the Accord version has been marketed in the United States (U.S.). In the country uncle sam ninth-generation Accord was launched in september 2012 years ago. Compared with the previous generation Accord honda cars latest this time appear more elegant and luxurious.

On the front there is a current Accord LED daytime running lights. Chrome accents also appear on the grille that looks more and more luxurious cars. From the side we can see a four-door sedan uses 10-spoke rims and Honda designers combine a few scratches on the door line. For the back side of the stern of the car looks simple with LED brake lights at the bottom and turn signal lights and reverse lights on it.

Next to the cabin, Honda presents the material which has high quality and soft. Not only that, it is claimed Honda cabin quieter than the previous generation. Most interesting features are also embedded into this new Accord, in which the laNewatch. It is a system that can help the driver when turning. A micro camera is placed under the driver's side rearview mirror and can turn on when the driver activates the turn signal. This technology can help drivers to be safer when taking time halauan turn.

For propulsion, engineers new Honda engine buried earth dream with 2. 400 cc is powered 185 hp and torque of 245 nm. Another option is v6 engine with a capacity of 3. 500 cc which can produce power 278 hp and a torque of 342 nm. For the transmission itself, there is a choice of manual and 6-speed automatic and CVT.

All New Mazda 6 2013

Medium sedan 2nd Indonesia is ready to be released in the Mazda 6. Not the same as the Accord that puts an element of elegance and luxury, the latest generation Mazda 6 car looks sporty with concept combines elements of a typical car Mazda zoom zoom. Exterior design lines make this sedan look more dynamic. Mazda designers also took the latest design concept is ngetrend in Japan, namely kodo design.

Furthermore for the interior, there is a plastic accents with a subtle touch. Besides this, the driver's seat can be adjusted up to 8 steps. For rear seat passengers, can obtain the area of ​​the foot and knee relief. Entertainment features that put them 11 bose speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and plug usb / ipod to listen to music.

According to information received from the APM Mazda in Indonesia, the latest generation 6 can use the SKYACTIV-G engine capacity of 2500 cc that can give off power 189 hp at 5700 rpm and a torque of 256 nm at 3250 rpm. The mechanical heart coupled with automatic transmission SKYACTIV-drive 6-speed.

Interesting features are embedded into the car i-ELOOP. This is the power of regenerative braking system that can have an effect on fuel economy. Besides this, the new i-stop feature that can die automatically when idle position of the car in the circumstances.

We'll see how the development of two new sedans in Indonesia because Indonesia's new car market is not small competitors. In this segment there are other cars and of course also offers the advantages of each feature as the Nissan Teana, Honda Civic 2013 and All New Toyota Vios 2013.

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